As the photographer for this fashion style photo shoot, I arrived at the yurt from “Het bruisend hart” with my camera and lighting equipment. I was immediately struck by the cozy and inviting atmosphere, with the stove radiating a nice and warm heat throughout the space. I worked quickly to set up my lighting equipment, creating the perfect atmosphere for the shoot. I carefully adjusted the angles of the light to create depth and texture.

These two young aspiring models, dressed in flowing, bohemian-inspired outfits with bold patterns and unique accessories were ideal for this shoot. They moved gracefully in front of the camera, their hair styled in loose waves or bob perfectly captured the natural, carefree essence of style. I worked closely with the models to nail down every moment, also by framing them against the vibrant backdrops of the tapestries. I experimented with different poses and angles, playing with the light to create a unique, unreal effect that perfectly captured the beauty and freedom of Emma and Amber. The long dresses were excellently chosen by these models. They matched the style of the yurt seamlessly.