Egla is a motivated girl from Albania. She has to get a visa in our country and works very hard to obtain this. Her hobbies are fitness and being in front of the camera.


I did a photoshoot with this model in Hasselt. The capital city of my region where I live. We agreed on a time and date but had not checked out if there were any events in the city. When I arrived I noticed the city center was closed off. There was a parade going on so we had to reschedule our meeting point. Luckily we switched out contact info so I could reach the model on her phone. After a while we finally met and I picked her up with my car. 

We then sit for an hour or so in the car to make up a new plan. After going back and forward for a while we decided to drive around the city for a while. Then we saw the beautiful harbor. There was no parade over there and it’s a new development area so it would make a beautiful backdrop for our photos.

Thanks to the parade the area was calm and we didn’t see many visitors. It was also a bit chilly that day. So we did short photo sessions and returned to the car to warm up. 

Photography is the art of making the invisible visible and the everyday extraordinary.

A photo is a window to a memory, a piece of the past that always remains relevant

Capture a moment and it lives forever.

A good photo is not just what you see, but what you feel when you look at it.

When we were in the car. I opened up some photos we already shot on my iPad. So the model could see them on a bigger screen. It was also a moment where I could ask for feedback. So we brainstormed to make the photos more creative and we then went back outside to shoot some more photos.

We agreed after this session to seek a different location. The model had a nice suggestion. We went to the Chinese city gardens. There we did another short session but there were a lot more visitors over there because a lot of people returned from the parade through the city park. We shot a couple of photos and went back to our meeting point.

I was very pleased with how everything went. I wondered if the model must be hungry after all this hard work. So I suggested we should grab a small bite. We went to a local kebab and I treated the model with a salad since she was vegetarian. We then overlooked the photos again during the meal. We agreed it was a nice photoshoot and liked the photos a lot. The next day I handed over my images to the model after editing them. She was very pleased with the end result and posted them on social media.